Music Marketing Author and Course Instructor


"A strategic, real-world, down-in-the-street approach to selling music in today's music marketplace, that takes advantage of the most effective contemporary tools, while remaining well grounded in the traditional marketing techniques that remain relevant. If you want your music to see the light of day, follow this indispensable step-by-step advice, clearly put forth from the industry trenches by an unusually effective and creative marketing professional."

- Chris Stone, Founder, Record Plant Studios; co-founder and former executive director of the Music Producers Guild of the Americas (MPGA)

"A synthesis of classical marketing principles and the newest effective techniques, this real-world approach to marketing your music provides indispensable step by-step advice for success. And it works; as an artist manager, I’ve used these techniques to help propel my artist from relative obscurity to national prominence within one year. I will keep applying these valuable lessons from a seasoned pro."

- Ihor Gowda, Artist Manager for Suzanna Choffel

"Finally a book that covers the ABCs of music marketing in the new frontier of the recorded music industry. Mike King’s book should be required reading for every musician. It gives a concise understanding of marketing your music at any level."

- Terry Currier, President of Music Millennium, Burnside Records, and Burnside Distribution; Board Member of CIMS

“This is a great new marketing book for indie musicians, independent labels or managers. Mike talks about all of the established methods of promoting artists and their products and adds to it all the new opportunities created by the Internet and mobile technology. So many “experts” are saying that the Internet takes care of everything – it does not. The smart artist should make use of every marketing method within his budget and make sure that all revenue steams are being exploited. The book is very accessible and the ideas can be put into place quickly. The author uses relevant case studies throughout to demonstrate his point. Highly recommended.”

- Jim Norris

“I got this book because I am a singer/songwriter looking to get some tips on finding my market and the most effective ways of growing as an independent artist. I am not even through the book yet and have been blown away by the amount of applicable marketing ideas and information Mike covers. Although I would consider myself pretty well versed in the basics of marketing (I’m a web-savvy girl), there are so many things that I’ve overlooked or haven’t tapped into yet. It’s very easy to read, but you’ll find yourself stopping to take notes or jot down new ideas to use for your band. Highly recommend!”

- Amy Heidemann