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This book presents a step by step integrated approach to marketing which leverages the new music marketing opportunities available for musicians and managers and the best practices for traditional outlets that still matter.

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New Online Course: Music Business Trends and Strategies

Posted on 9/14/2013

Writing online courses is no joke.  After many nights / weekends / early mornings, I've completed my newest online music business course for Berklee Online: Music Business Trends and Strategies.  I'm really happy with how the course has come out.  Tons of great content - videos, written content, case studies, and interviews with industry folks that I respect a great deal.  

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Boards of Canada and Participatory Marketing

Posted on 6/13/2013

I spoke with NPR’s Sami Yenigun last week for a piece he was working on about Boards of Canada’s pre-release marketing campaign. 

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